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We would love to hear and share your stories right here. Simply click the share button and follow the steps listed.  Please include a story you would like to share, and an image of your fur baby.  Please submit here:

Smokey’s Story

We just moved to Las Cruses, new Mexico with our two dogs, Smokey and Nala. Smokey had been diagnosed with kidney issues and was taking medication and special food to help with the issue. Unfortunately a few days after we got to our new home, Smokey took a severe turn for the worse. We knew it was coming but was still quite devastating. Smokey was 12 years old when we had to put him down.

Charlie quickly came to me and offered her services. What a nice feeling knowing that our family member will be with us until it is our time to see him again. Thanks Charlie and Whispering Paws.


Bella’s Story


There she was, playing with her sibling in a box that was sitting in front of the grocery store.  The sign said "please give these fur baby's a forever home.  Bella was the one who came to us  immediately, jumping and asking to be picked.  Of course, just an hour later, was playing with us at home.  But before going home we went to the pet store to prepare for her arrival.  We  got her bed and a few stuffies and a bunch of treats. 

She shared her unconditional love with us for 14 years, pure love.  She was ready to cross over, her wish that we honored.   We said our goodbyes sharing tears, each of us.  I now carry her with me in the beautiful memorial key chain. 

We had the urn filled with clippings from her favorite stuffy, one the
she had since day one with us. She is with me in spirit
in my heart always.


Charlie used to make pens for her company Charlie D's Woodturning.  Following are Testimonials written by those who have some of her pens.  Keep in mind that Whispering Paws started as a result of her taking to halves of one of her pens, creating a memorial for Kinko.

JOE   "Oh My!  They made a pen from just a branch; a branch from the Cottonwood tree I had cut down in our year.  The final product is amazing, the coloring variations they were able to capture.  This pen was used as a gift for my wife, who is a published author who still puts ink on paper as she composes."


CATHY  "I love the pen of Black Walnut Burl that Charlie made for me. What a great yard sale find she scored.  The wood is beautiful, the design is delicate and sleek, and the price is right.  I love to give handmade and locally made gifts and it has felt special to give many of her pieces to friends round the world.

GERRY  "I gifted one of these pens to my brother who hunts deer.  He carries it around in his pocket and uses it to sign contracts in his business.  He enjoys showing it off to his clients.  All of Charlies pens are of the best quality I've seen.  They are a great novelty gift for anyone who is difficult to buy for.  I plan on purchasing more for Christmas gifts."


DALE   "I love my pen . . . well I loved the pen that I am sure will turn up soon. If not, I am sure that Charlie will make another for me.  The grain design may be a bit different as you know, no handcrafted item made by Charlie D's is the same.  

TERRY   Just look at the picture of my gorgeous elk antler ink pen that Charlie made from my rack!  The top of the pen is made from an antler point, and the base is from the 'Y' of the main beam of the antler.  I love the natural elk antler color, grain and texture that Charlie finished with her artistic talents.  Oh Yea, it is functional and well balanced, so it is a pleasure to write with.  I was going to give it as a gift, but it turned out so great that it now has a permanent spot on my desk"

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