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Sleeping Dogs

Handcrafted Memorial Keepsakes

Honoring your Beloved 

Our Mission

We walk with those grieving the loss of their beloved.  We aid in the mending of the heart.  With compassion we guide them towards feeling the ongoing presence of their loved one’s memory.


Our Vision

We are a small business offering healing services towards mending one’s heart.  We are creative and innovative and serve with integrity, promoting a healthy mind body and spirit.

Memorial Keepsake Collection

Whispering Paws is dedicated to providing heartfelt memorials for pet owners who wish to have a special reminder of their furry friends. We create hand-crafted designs that are unique and special, designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you're looking for a custom-made memorial or a range of keepsakes to remember your pet, at Whispering Paws, we are devoted to crafting beautiful keepsakes that showcase the love you have for your beloved pet.

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