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KINKO is our WHY

He was a rescue Pomeranian who rescued Charlie

Charlie took the new pup with her everywhere and together they became one for 7 years. One
would always see him riding with her on her motorcycle. He was the animal Love of her Life,
above all the others she had owned. The Kinko she knew was the most loving individual anyone
met, his smile alone would make your heart melt.

The day came that she had to say goodbye and let him go, the hardest decision she’d ever made.
Eventually she came to know that he would always hold a place in her heart, but that was not an
easy journey for her. He will always be with those that loved him so.

A few months later Charlie was in her shop and finally had an idea for Kinko’s memorial. She
put a lock of Kinko’s fur inside a half piece of a pen she had turned, sealed it, engraved his
name on it and carried it on her key ring. It was this small pocket pet memorial that held his
essence and gave the feeling that he had never left. It was what got her through her loss and
grief journey. Carrying him like she did on her key ring by her side all of the time became the
most healing element throughout her entire grieving process. Even today you will see she still
carries it with her. To Kinko’s memory, she has dedicated the company Whispering Paws to.

It was then that she made it her mission to help others who have experienced the loss of their
fur baby, feeling as lost as she was when Kinko left. She wanted to guide them through the
many emotions that would make up their grief journey, As she did not know where to go or
what she might do, she wanted to walk with them in whatever way she could. She wanted to do
something for them, where there was a huge need in the animal services industry. As a retired
teacher, she also knew that she had to focus a portion of the business towards children. Children
who also experienced the loss, but would show their emotions in different ways.

Whispering Paws has been dedicated to Kinko.



Snuggles that warmed my veins 

and made my heart sour 

You stole my heart forever 

To Others your love radiated 

My Soul Mate 


I trusted you completely, never a leash needed 

Knowing you’d always walk by my side 

We received recognition and certificates 

From classes we sat through, you and me 


The wind rushed by us as we rode  

together on my two-wheeler  

Sporting those cool doggles, 

 I held you close against my chest 

Oh, what a sight we must have been 

You and me on my bike  


This made me smile with a warm heart  

That you shared so much of yourself 

That infectious radiant smile of yours 

making all other smile as well 


You were my soul mate 

The love of my life  

Kinko always you’ll be by side 

My 4-legged furry friend 

Just a piece of a broken pen 

That holds your essence 

Whispering Paws is you 

Your essence, your creation 

Kinko always be by my side 



Love and Loss 

Grief and Healing 

 Family and friendship 

Honoring unconditionally 

Yes, our pets are family 

In most ways  

more so than those of the 2-legged breed 


Written for Kinko by Charlie Busch

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