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About Us 

We create custom, hand-crafted Pet Memorials using reclaimed and repurposed materials, or even something that was special to the pet in life - a branch from a tree he rested under or a piece of wood from their first doghouse. We also offer specialized Free Laser Engraving to preserve a special message between just you two.

Tell us about your pet and we will come up with a beautiful design that will truly honor their memory and give them a beautiful resting place right at your side, just like they would have wanted.  Reach out and let us honor your pet the way they deserve.


Whispering Paws was founded on a perceived need  of those suffering the loss of a pet. As with all loss, moving forward after a pet has made their transition is difficult and it can feel like the world has ended. A few years ago Charlie's service dog of 8 years, Kinko, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge making his transition. Charlie removed a bit of fur from his grooming brush and placed it inside half of a hand turned pen she was making. She sealed it, laser engraved his name on it and carries it wherever she goes.

This memorial, she used as a keychain.  Carrying it with her created a living presence of Kinko, giving comfort, warmth, and an ongoing connection with her lost fur baby. The comfort she felt inspired her to create Whispering Paws which allows her to share that feeling of comfort with others experiencing that same sense of loss that she felt.

Whispering Paws has been dedicated Kinko.

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