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Bella's Story

There she was, playing with her sibling in a box that was sitting in front of the grocery store. The sign said "please give these fur baby's a forever home. Bella was the one who came to us immediately, jumping and asking to be picked. Of course, just an hour later, was playing with us at home. But before going home we went to the pet store to prepare for her arrival. We got her bed and a few stuffies and a bunch of treats.

She shared her unconditional love with us for 14 years, pure love. She was ready to cross over, her wish that we honored. We said our goodbyes sharing tears, each of us. I now carry her with me in the beautiful memorial key chain.

We had the urn filled with clippings from her favorite stuffy, one the

she had since day one with us. She is with me in spirit

in my heart always.


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